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Re: Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

Will you upgrade our hardware so that the new software will run on it???
Or, buy us a newer operating system (those are not free .. or do you condone
stealing software?)  Maybe it *does* cost $$$ to upgrade a browser to the
latest version!

Richard in Boston, MA, USA
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From: "Christensen, Eric"
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

> Speaking as an IT Professional, there is nothing more scary than a
> that has outdated versions of software.  Now, I can understand having an
> older version of a piece of software that costs lots of dollars to
> But MOST browsers out there are free.  The offended browser is one that
> easily be upgraded for free and will include necessary security fixes that
> the software author has seen fit to include as well which will make the
> computer more secure and better all around.  If you CHOOSE not to upgrade
> your software regularly, expect problems.  I dare not run Windows 95 on
> of my boxes simply because it won't be compatible with a lot of the
> that I want to run.  Now I don't go back and complain to the authors of
> software that won't run on Windows 95 because I expect problems.  The same
> is true in this case.  While it is important to provide the service to all
> interested parties, it is virtually impossible to support user-friendly
> sites for EVERY version of EVERY browser out there.  Web designers should
> only be held to the current version of the spec that rules on HTML and not
> that of the past ten years.
> If you are having separation anxiety from your outdated software, I'll be
> happy to assist those wishing to update their systems to the 21st century.
> 73s and happy browsing,
> Eric KF4OTN
> kf4otn@amsat.org

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