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Re: Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

On Thursday 01 July 2004 10:01, you wrote:
> OTOH, people who are providing a service should take into account the
> people they are supposed to be serving.
> I don't like websites that require a particular level of browser, and
> often find that there's nothing there that REQUIRES those bells and
> whistles.  The point of a website such as AMSAT's is to provide
> information, not to be a canvas for someone's work of art.
> In so far as the layout makes the information more readily available,
> it's good.  When that layout makes information less available, then
> it's counterproductive.
> There are people in the world who might want to access the AMSAT
> website with low-bandwidth connections (I can think of one most
> desireable DX location, particularly), and these people, as well as
> those with special needs, must be accomodated by the service.
> There are far worse examples of the "triumph" of form over function in
> service websites, and I'm sure that all of this criticsm will be taken
> and used constructively.
> BTW, I think the ARRL website is well done, as an example.
> 73, doug

In some ways I agree Doug, 
   I too do not like websites that block a browser, konqueror on the other 
hand allows me to present what ever web browser I want, i.e. it  lies to the 
site... so I get around some that way...

others I just don't go there... let economics be the driving force...

the bandwidth issue in my book is weak... if they have a bad connection   too 
bad... you want to go back to text only no graphics to support them?   I 
doubt it...

then on the other hand if it ends up that this really only effects  less than 
20 people out of thousands must the service accommodate them? at what cost? 
and what amount of time?are these members? do they have a real reason they 
haven't downloaded something more current? 

if people would just ask in a decent manner Amsat would probably fix  it if 
its not too big of a hassle... I'm not saying you didn't ask decently ,but 
there have been posts about this subject that were pretty bad...

I think the Amsat site is well done... I cant wait to see how it progresses in 
the future...



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