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Re: Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

OTOH, people who are providing a service should take into account the
people they are supposed to be serving.

I don't like websites that require a particular level of browser, and
often find that there's nothing there that REQUIRES those bells and
whistles.  The point of a website such as AMSAT's is to provide
information, not to be a canvas for someone's work of art.

In so far as the layout makes the information more readily available,
it's good.  When that layout makes information less available, then
it's counterproductive.

There are people in the world who might want to access the AMSAT
website with low-bandwidth connections (I can think of one most
desireable DX location, particularly), and these people, as well as
those with special needs, must be accomodated by the service.

There are far worse examples of the "triumph" of form over function in
service websites, and I'm sure that all of this criticsm will be taken
and used constructively.

BTW, I think the ARRL website is well done, as an example.

73, doug

   From: wa6fwf <wa6fwf@pacbell.net>
   Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 08:57:11 -0700
   Content-Disposition: inline

   Hello All,

	What I don't understand with this thread is why when someone makes a 
   personal decision to stay with a particular package that it becomes their 
   right to push it on to the rest of the world forever...

   If you would ask nice, maybe someone might change the website with
   a link to support your outdated browser or text reader.

   And if they did then "your" choice now causes "them" more work
   because they have more pages to update each time...  and you should
   be thankful that they would do that for just a few people...

   But instead what I have seen here is demands, threats, and spoiled brats

   I have Internet Explorer,Netscape, Mozilla,and Konqueror browsers that all 
   work fine on the new page..

   surely you could add one of those to your system and be happy...

   Seems to me the complainers should go back and review  "their" decision and 
   see if it is still valid today...

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