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Re: Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

Hello All,

     What I don't understand with this thread is why when someone makes a 
personal decision to stay with a particular package that it becomes their 
right to push it on to the rest of the world forever...

If you would  ask nice, maybe someone might change the website with a link  to 
support your outdated browser or text reader.

And if they did then  "your" choice now causes  "them" more work because they 
have more pages to update each time... 
and you should be thankful that they would do that for just a few people...

But instead what I have seen here is demands, threats, and spoiled brats

I have Internet Explorer,Netscape, Mozilla,and Konqueror browsers that all 
work fine on the new page..

surely you could add one of those to your system and be happy...

Seems to me the complainers should go back and review  "their" decision and 
see if it is still valid today...


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