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Re: Echo TLE copy

At 08:21 PM 6/30/2004 -0500, hasan Schiers wrote:
>I'm coming out of the PKT jack on the back, and it shows in the manual that
>the 9600 out is on that jack. What does 9600 baud look like on the
>waterfall? I don't see any indication of any tones, just a darkening of the
>display, that results in nothing being decoded.  (FT-847).

I have an FT-847, as well (and probably quite a few of us do), so anyone
who has successfully set one up for 9600 TLM reception using MixW (or other
soundcard technology) is strongly encouraged to share how you did it!  Just
as with AO-40, in the early months, telemetry reception is the current
interest on Echo.  (the FT-817 has plug compatible packet jack with FT-847,

I eventually will be looking at what to use for digital operation on Echo
(a subject which is new territory for me).  I hope there is some good
suggestions (articles for the journal?) being developed.

73's, Ed - AL7EB

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