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Re: Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

On 1 Jul, 2004, at 12:17, G8IFF/KC8NHF wrote:
> Works fine on my 5 browsers under both Windows and Linux.
> I can understand not upgrading if it costs money but  most web 
> browsers are cost free and take only a few minutes to download and 
> install.
> The new web site looks great and works well.
> Daniel Schultz wrote:
>> I'm having a bad user experience, I consider it unfriendly for any 
>> web site to
>> tell me what kind of browser I should have on my computer.

What is it in the new website design that demands the latest all 
singing all dancing web browser?, if its only on certain pages could 
the 'unsupported browser' warning just be put on pages that really need 
it, rather than making the whole site inaccessible.

After all if AMSAT-UK can do a redesign that works with most browsers 
(including lynx), I can't see why AMSAT-NA is so restrictive.  If you 
want some lessons on website design, you could always ask AMSAT-UK :-)


p.s: The link to the old site doesn't work from the browser check page.

   John Heaton, G1YYH
   AMSAT-UK #5701

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