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Re: Echo Orbit #21

>>> G8IFF/KC8NHF  6/30/04 6:34:25 PM >>>
>Is the "didn't hear it" problem more to do with 9600bd 
>data not being "ear friendly".   On a standard SSB or 
>FM receiver, there is very little to hear by ear.

Actually I have been tuning by ear with my TH-D7 since 
they came out in 1998.  Of course, only to the nearest 
5 KHz, but then it is very easy to tell the different tonal 
quality when you are 5 KHz off.  SO just click the joy 
stick up 5, then down 5 and then pick the one that sounds
smooth and the HT then starts decoding UI packets...

Back then the HT  was receiving UO22, UO23, UO25
and so Kenwood issued the "G" model of the HT
so that it could do cross band with the internal 
TNC and 9600 baud for APRS.  But soon 23 and
25 died, so only UO-22 was supporting handheld
APRS digipeating...

Looking forward to  ECHO!

de WB4APR, Bob

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