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Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

>We considered that and rejected it.  We don't want anyone having 
>a bad user experience, not to mention that there could be other 
>issues downstream from the front page.  We have a Lynx/Netscape 4 >compatible
headers in the future, but it wasn't a priority at 
>this time.

I'm having a bad user experience, I consider it unfriendly for any web site to
tell me what kind of browser I should have on my computer. Until you have time
to complete the Lynx/Netscape 4 compatible headers, let's keep the old site
online so we don't all have to switch browsers cold turkey when many of us
have more important priorities to occupy our time. 

Instead of a message directing me to "upgrade" my browser, how about a link
back to the old site for people who are not on the approved "style sheet".

I've been running Netscape 4.something for a long time now and have not seen
any reason to change it until this new Amsat site came along. The browsers at
work are also an older version and I cannot upgrade those machines since they
are not mine to begin with. I am all in favor of progress when it serves some
beneficial purpose, but not "progress" just for the sake of being new. 

Too many people and institutions favor form over substance. Amsat has always
been an organization that favors substance over form. Let's not mess with that
tradition for the sake of a "user experience". 

Dan Schultz N8FGV
Jens Schmidt wrote:

>Whatever Amsat-NA just achieved with the launch of ECHO,
>is well and truly undone with the re-design of the web site.

>First point is that my browser is mis-detected as Mozilla, it's not,
>it is Netscape.

>Second point is that your suggestion that I should update my browser
>per your list is way off track.
>I have for a number of years been able to access and read 99.99% of
>the web pages on WWW, including Amsat's NA page, that changed
>now to 99.98%.
>Some of us have very good reasons to not use only operating systems,
>browsers and other software that has received the blessing of Microsoft.
>As a result we do not have the options to "upgrade", or even a wish
>to do so.

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