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Re: Echo TLE copy

> Questions:
> 1. Are you using the PKT 6 pin din on the back of the 847?

I don't have an 847 except on my wish list.  I'm using a TS-790 with a tap
off of the sub-rx discriminator.

> 2. Are you using the G3RUH 9600 baud modem choice in MixW?
> 3. Did you change your sample rate to 22050 in the sound card settings?

Yes to both 2 and 3.

> 4. Are you using the Line In on the sound card? If so, what do you have
> level slider bar at?

My sound card only has a mic input.  I know convential wisdom says it won't
work but in my case it does.

> 5. The Setting for G3RUH Number is 15 , what is yours?

15.  I did set the DCD setting to its far left position.

> 5. Any entries in the Rx high freq gain other than 0?

No, I left them at the 0 default values.

> 6. Can you get MixW to decode a D7 or D700 set at 9600?

I don't have handy access to those rigs so I  haven't tried.


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