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Re: [aprssig] ECHO satellite and APRS?

>>> Steve Dimse <k4hg@tapr.org> 6/30/04 4:17:09 PM >>>
On 6/30/04 at 3:37 PM Robert Bruninga <bruninga@usna.edu> sent:

>The APRS-Internet struture does this for ARISS and
>PCSAT and other UI digipeating satellites globally, 
>so how do we want to strucutre the similar data from
>ECHO?  And why not also accumulate all packets so that
>the WEB would easily capture the complete
>image of all files and make them available without
>human intervention to hams worldwide...
I am not familiar with the PACSAT protocol, is it binary? If so, the
cannot be used, you would need to create a separate internet system to
the packets...if this was done, it would be easy to then identify the
packets on this server and forward them to the APRS IS.

The two possibilities I see are to create an APRS IS style internet
(PACSAT IS?), which consolidates and removes the duplicate packets, in
case the IGate software is very simple, just forwards what it hears to
PACSAT IS. A findU style parser could parse the PACSAT IS stream into

The other possibility is to use an existing PACSAT ground station
program, and add the capability to send what it hears to a web server
without an Internet System. This is the easier option, especially if
someone has
access to the code of a ground station client (a quick search of
sourceforge did
not show any open source code, but I didn't look elsewhere). You would
need software on the server to assemble the PACSAT packets into files,
again, if you had source code for a client program, it would be
possible to
adapt it.

Sounds like a fun project, hope someone can make it happen...

Steve K4HG
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