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[aprssig] RE: ECHO satellite and APRS?

>>> "AE5PL Lists"  6/30/04 4:01:58 PM >>>
>> 2) Since 95% of the other 98% of packets will be  data
>>     from the ECHO's BBS in the PACSAT protocol, and
>>     can be assembled back together on the ground into
>>     a full copy of all files on orbit, I think we need an Internet
>>     collection point that re-builds for the global HAM
>>     community a WEB based copy of all files that are
>>     on the ECHO BBS.
>Let's leave that to AMSAT.  It really has nothing to do 
>with APRS. Doesn't this defeat what AMSAT is trying 
>to do with the satellite: make these "files" available to 
>those who use the satellite, not to the entire Internet? 

Well, that is why I prefer a UI digipeater so that Hams
can QSO live via the satellite and not just exchange
files... which they can now do 24/7/365 via other means.

>Plus, isn't the actual retrieval of files done via connected 
>mode ? 

No, that is the beauty of the PACSAT protocol, one 
uplinks files via connected mode, but files are distributed
to everyone in the footprint and they all capture everything
whether they need it or not.  Stations only requests "fills"
on pieces that they missed.  Kinda like an APRS system
for files instead of single one-line data...

>I think it would be great to gate APRS packets from 
>ECHO to APRS-IS.  I think it would be detrimental, 
>however, to gate all of the non-APRS packets to APRS-IS.

Agree.  That's why I made the subject a dual post
to AMSAT also.  But since the APRS-Internet structure
has so many gurus that could easily set up a "side
channel" for ECHO just like they did for the APRS-IS,
I thought I would ask here first...


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