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ECHO report (CM88)

Near Santa Rosa, CA (Arrow-equivalent, some tree clutter):  AOS 19:11(?)
LOS 19:19, with top of pass maybe at 19:16 (hard to tell).  I might have
missed start of pass by perhaps a minute due to 'dialing around'.

Perhaps less strong than yesterday.  Prediction from yesterday's KEPS:

    19:04:56 19:12:07 19:19:22  00:14:26    7 288 207  54.0* DDD    24

Yesterday's pass matched those KEPS well, with my AOS about 1 minute 
late and LOS about 1 minute early (no doubt contributed to by clutter).

Nor it did not seem to match any of the OIG KEPS, with OBJECT H coming 

    19:04:48 19:12:00 19:18:59  00:14:10    7 286 207  53.4* DDD    74

Didn't hear 435.275 MHz, even though i started listening 10 minutes 
ahead of pass, since a previous report had it slightly ahead of ECHO.  
If it is a Saudi bird, we may not hear it [in the 'States] when it's 
not in range of its ground station(s).

Still need help getting 9600 bps packet working on a soundcard under 
LINUX (could also try same under Windows XP if needed for debugging.)  

73's/Good luck!
			         -- KD6PAG

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