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ECHO satellite and APRS?


How should we do the ECHO satellite downlink?

For ARISS and PCSAT, and next years' ANDE, PCSAT2 
and RAFT, all of the 1200 baud packets in the downlink 
were APRS or other UI packets of human interest.  Thus 
any ground station anywhere just IGated everything they 
heard straight into APRS-IS so that packets captured
anywhere were available everywhere...

But the 9600 baud downlink from ECHO will be
8 times larger and probably 98%  packets of no 
interest to the APRS-IS.


1) Do we need to write IGate software that will filter
    the downlink stream from the satelite and only INJECT
    APRS/UI  compatible packets into the APRS-IS?

2) Since 95% of the other 98% of packets will be  data
    from the ECHO's BBS in the PACSAT protocol, and
    can be assembled back together on the ground into
    a full copy of all files on orbit, I think we need an Internet
    collection point that re-builds for the global HAM
    community a WEB based copy of all files that are
    on the ECHO BBS.

Already that is what the PACSAT protocol does, is to 
let each users accumulate all packets and slowly "fill"
his ground station with copies of what others are 
downloading so that he only needs to request FILLS.

The APRS-Internet struture does this for ARISS and
PCSAT and other UI digipeating satellites globally, 
so how do we want to strucutre the similar data from
ECHO?  And why not also accumulate all packets so that
the WEB would easily capture the complete
image of all files and make them available without
human intervention to hams worldwide...

Who wants to spearhead this?

de WB4APR, Bob

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