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Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 10:59:26AM -0700, Emily Clarke wrote:
> We considered that and rejected it.  We don't want anyone having a bad user
> experience, not to mention that there could be other issues downstream from
> the front page.  We have a Lynx/Netscape 4 compatible headers in the
> future, but it wasn't a priority at this time.

I am respectfully asking you to reconsider this decision.

As I also do some work with the blind, this site is not blind
accessible to all.

Please read:

"Other browsing techniques are possible, ranging from the use of Lynx (a text-only browser written originally to run under Unix) to browsing packages such as IBM's Home Page Reader, which generate their own speech."

Its really a much simpler thing to allow this "at your own risk" for now,
rather than worrying about someone having a "bad user experience."

Incidentally, all the graphics will eventually also need ALT tags. The
old site is much easier to read for the blind btw since it has ALT tags.
(I just checked with a blind friend of mine.)

I can understand the priority on the new store section etc., I am simply
requesting the browser restriction be removed.

vy 73

- Diane Bruce, va3db, AMSAT area coordinator
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