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Field Day

Dear Friends,

Field Day this year at the North Shore (of Boston)
Radio Association, NS1RA, was a big success. I was able
to demonstrate and discuss satellite operation to lots
of hams who otherwise would have had no satellite experience.

Operating on Sunday morning only, I made a total of 2 contacts
(SSB,) one on each pass of FO-29 - thank you NX2Q and N3SH!

We attempted but were not able to complete any CW contacts but
that did not limit the enjoyment. The cw operator, who had no prior
satellite experience, thought it was "amazing" and really fun.

The antennas were a pair of full wave loops with the VHF one
at 6' and the UHF one at 9'.

RS-15's beacon was booming in on 10 meters using a short vertical
but I was not able to get a signal through the transponder. I didn't
try AO-7 on mode A as I couldn't hear the beacon, sounds like I should
have tried anyway.

All in all, I consider it a big success as the whole idea is to
demonstrate emergency preparedness and to have a good time outside
playing radio :)

Tony AA2TX

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