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05:25 UTC Pass Echo 59 + 20 dB @ Phoenix Arizona

    I was able to acquire what I believe is the Echo satellite on 2 orbits
now.   I am using a 30 ele xyagi RHCP.  I noticed while the satellite was
rising the signal was poor with a max signal of  S-5 with lots of QSB.
While the satellite was falling away from my QTH I had peaks of  S-9 + 20
dB.  My guess is LHCP working well while rising and RHCP working well while
falling ?
    My AOS frequency was 435.162.2.  My LOS frequency was 435.144.7.   My
QTH is DM33uq near Phoenix Arizona and the satellite passed almost straight
overhead on this orbit.
    I attempted to copy telemetry but have not properly figured out how to
use an old AEA DSP 232 interfaced to an ICOM 910 and make it work at 9600
yet.  Spent time rummaging around the garage looking for lost manuals.

    73  Jim
    KL7QR Peoria Arizona

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