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Echo info - update

Hi folks,

Well, after this last pass I have some more observations to share.

First, switching the antenna to LHCP made a huge difference  in signal 
strength. The deep fades went away and had good S9 signals most of the pass.

Also, after tweaking the epoch time on the keps in Nova a bit ( thanks 
to Lee, KU4OS), I managed to get an almost perfect  pass with 
auto-tuning and auto-tracking enabled. However, I  had to change the 
nominal center frequency for the auto-tuning to 435.155 rather than 
.150.  Other people had reported hearing the signal much higher in 
frequency than I expected ( .163-165) at the start of the pass, so I 
suspected that  the published center freq was not correct. As soon as I 
changed to  435.155, the auto-tuning worked properly.

The keps I'm using are fairly close, but  hopefully we'll get official 
keps soon, so I won't bother posting them again.



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