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Echo Hrd over Arizona DM33uq

    I made the following observations from 03:40UTC - 03:50UTC and heard
what I believe is Echo.  I am using an IC-910 with the AFC feature enabled.
Antenna is a 30 ele xyagi with preamp.  I don't yet have a 9.6kb TNC set up
to copy telemetry so I just measured signals.
    According to my keps Echo was making an eastern pass with a max
elevation of 9.5 degrees from Arizona.  I acquired a 56 signal on 435.160.3.
Using the AFC feature the IC-910 autotracked the FM signal moving downward
due to doppler.  At one point I copied 58 signals on 435.155.  I copied a
signal until my keps indicated the satellite was -6.5 degs elevation and 4.3
degs azimuth at about 03:53 UTC.  My LOS frequence was 435.147.3.  I think
my keps must be a bit off with the program showing the satellite LOS prior
to reality by about -6.5 degs.
    My assumption is I heard Echo.  Can anyone else confirm this pass &
times ?
    If my keps are right I am showing an execllent pass next orbit over
Phoenix at 05:16 UTC with a max elevation of 73 degs.  I will try to confirm
the same observations during this pass.

    Jim KL7QR  DM33uq Peoria Arizona

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