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I am reasonably sure I heard the 9k6 data on 435.150 on the 10:40 EDST
pass.. would be  14:40 UTC. I was mobile at the time in Central Vermont, and
was unable to do much besides tuning through the expected downlink, and
listen for the 9k6 "hiss".. did get as much as a couple s-units from it at
one point. I choose to be hopelessly optimistic. Congrats to the whole Echo

Bob WE1U
ARRL/AMSAT Life Member

"You know, there is much to be said for the distinctive country lifestyle
and all of its pleasures and satisfaction. But one of the best parts, by
far, is that you get to hang around with a lot of interesting dogs."

Leigh Perkins, Chairman, The Orvis Company
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