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Re: Who's Who Up There

Everyone who is listening for ECHO or any of the other microsats launched 
today, can now play the game of What's Up, When ? I think What's Up was a 
great little tracking program from many moons ago, so apologies to the 
author if that's the case.

Here's a few suggestion to get you started. Get the kids involved too. After 
all they are the future.

Get the very latest Keps for all interested objects being tracked and load 
them into your favorite computer tracking program. Next be sure your 
computer clock set very accurately. Set it to WWV or some other standard 
just prior to expected AOS. Setting to with in a second or two is a must.  
Now for the most important part. To monitor the expected doppler corrected 
downlink frequency for the first sign of a signal. NOTE it's  exact time and 
apply it to what objects are just coming in or near AOS on your computer 
tracking map and or AOS print out. Do this over the course of a few orbits 
and I think you'll get a pretty good idea of What's Up, When. Be sure to let 
us working folks know your finding as there will be passes we won't be able 
to play with.

Chances are you should be able to determined what OIG Object is your bird. I 
have done this exercise with my children and their friends before and we all 
had a great learning experiencet.

Now, with that said here are the latest from OIG with a few more Objects 
added. I applied these latest objects and things are starting to line up 
like ducks in a row.

GL Keith N4ZQ

1 28366U 04025A   04181.65940460 -.00004281  00000-0 -91560-3 0    31
2 28366  98.2643 251.2644 0018668 322.7001  37.3175 14.58233360    53
1 28367U 04025B   04181.82208532 -.00038518  00000-0 -20005-1 0    32
2 28367  98.2298 251.3624 0350935 206.1394 152.1791 13.87697287    81
1 28368U 04025C   04181.79776062 -.00036183  00000-0 -84265-2 0    21
2 28368  98.2701 251.4065 0016914 266.9854  93.0133 14.54985124    79
1 28369U 04025D   04181.79937869 -.00021988  00000-0 -56085-2 0    11
2 28369  98.2627 251.3937 0035175 230.2669 129.5404 14.50276651    72
1 28370U 04025E   04181.87025873  .00420377  00000-0  11164+0 0    14
2 28370  98.2578 251.4723 0055641 217.3685 142.1241 14.45592287    88

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