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Who's Who Up There

The last time I got involved with a multi microsat launch was just about a 
year ago. June 30, 2003 to be exact. That was when XI-IV, CUTE-I, DTUSAT, 
QUAKESAT, MOST, CANX-1 and a few others  I can't recall now were 
successfully put into orbit.

Now we have another great launch where eight microsat's were placed into 
orbit, and everyone is scrambling to come up with some Keps that reflect who 
is who up there. The tracking folks do a great job, but from what I remember 
from last years operation was that it will be a while before it is 
straighten out up there. I'm sure the trackers have no problem finding the 
large stuff, like the booster stage and shrouding. But when it comes to the 
microsat, well that's another issue.

There small in size and probably close together right now. First they will 
have to find them, and then try to figure out who is what. I can recall from 
last years launch that it took the better part of a MONTH before it was 
settled. The bottom line is that as of right now, Ken's N2WWD Keps seem to 
be a pretty good fit. And I say go with them till something better comes 
down the pike.

Play with the new object releases that come from OIG and other sources. See 
if they fit, but be aware this will be a slow process and patients is a 

GL Keith N4ZQ

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