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Re: echo and NOVA

Bill asked ...
> Anyone know the exact info to input into NOVA to start tracking Echo?

1 99999U           4181.28142431  .00000000  00000-0  46367-8 0    12
2 99999  98.2611 250.8899 0012049 291.6005 245.2946 14.42770908    19

1. Copy/Paste the above temporary Keps into a text file ... I used notepad.
    I saved it as an ascii text file ... give it some name you can find later ...
    such as Echo_Keps1.txt

2. In Nova:
    Click on Kep. Elements -> Disk File Update -> Manual Update From File
    Click on the Update button (use the filename from step 1.)

3. To have the new Echo show up on your Nova tracking screen you can either
    update current view, or create a new view.  (I updated my current view.)

4. Repeat the above procedure as kep updates roll out over the next few days.
    Eventually Echo should be in the files you get from Celestrak using the Internet
    Update option.

I think I just typed in everything!  Hope it helps ... looking forward to the experts
showing an easier method!

73 de JoAnne WB9JEJ
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