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Re: IC-910 & TNC3 help

> I discovered this some years ago, and the answer is buried in an article I
> wrote for AMSAT Journal back in 2001.
> For some reason, known but to Icom, the 910 is designed so that the MAIN
> and SUB data ports REVERSE when you put the radio into satellite mode. It
> makes absolutely no sense, but that's how it is. So swap your plugs and it
> will work in sat mode, but you'll have to swap them back for land-based
> packet. And no, you didn't miss it. There is absolutely no mention of any
> of this in the 910 manual. Thanks, Icom!
> ------
> Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)
>             http://pages.cfu.net/~mjohns/index.html
>    "Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would
>        stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain
Hi Mark
actually page 50 in your manual gives you a cryptic clue in the lower right 
hand corner...  

"note:As the downlink (MAIN band) signal is applied to the SUB 
band unit in-circuitry in satellite mode..."

but why they did it? only Icom knows...


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