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President's Message - Special Edition - Two Items

1 - ECHO
It is with very great pleasure that I acknowledge the ANS news release  
concerning the successful launch of ECHO and the other related satellites from  
Baikonur this morning.
This achievement is due to many individuals around the  world, who have 
helped in the design, building, integration, testing and  launching of this 
Also the members of AMSATs in many countries  who have helped us by funding 
this "Electronic Adventure". 
Without your  financial support the satellite could not have been completed, 
and would never  have been launched, Give yourselves a "pat on the back" for a 
job well  done.
Lee McLamb, KU4OS, Senior Editor of the AMSAT News Service will be  issuing 
up dated bulletins over the next few days to advise you on the progress  being 
made during commissioning.
At the proper time, when sufficient data has been confirmed, Past President  
Bill Tynan will issue a bulletin giving the AO-XX designation, updated 
Keplerian  Elements will be issued as soon as they are received. 
MEANWHILE please DO NOT Transmit to the satellite - commissioning must take  
A bulletin will be released when the satellite is open for general  use.
2- New Web site.
I am delighted to announce that our new web site will be officially opened  
today, to coincide with the launching of ECHO. Many of you have already seen 
the  Beta trial and now is the Big day.
I must personally thank Emily Clarke for her excellent work in developing  
this new web site.
Judging by your comments it already has your approval.
My thanks also go to Paul Williamson for the work on the old web site and  
the effort put into helping Emily. About one year ago I asked Executive Vice  
President Rick Hambly to manage this project, and I am gratified by the  result.
On your behalf I thank all who were involved.
Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT
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