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>Echo launched successfully right on time at 0630UTC. All satellites have
>successfully separated and are in orbit.  Commissioning begins in about 
>hours but Echo will not be available for use for a few weeks.  Watch for
>official ANS bulletins and the AMSAT Web site updates as more information
>becomes available.

My congratulations for this new amateur satellite. At least one more amateur 
satellite in orbit for the future AMSAT world.

At my side its waiting for HAMSAT, also known as VUSAT, that will also soon 
be launched.
There was a time of few available satellites, but this will soon be chanced 
I think...

For several months I am not at my qth and RF active, but in the background I 
am still none-RF active and try to keep up with information about amateur 
I would say, lets go on like this... lets make more amateur satellites...

** Can anybody tell me where I find the amsat-bb forum on the new webpage of 
amsat-na ????
** Maybe I just clicked the wrong buttons, or its just not there ?

73 de BX/PE1RAH, William in Koachsiung city, South of Taiwan

MSN Search, for accurate results! http://search.msn.nl

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