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Hi guys
Let's not be too extatic, but I think I heard ECHO this morning on it's
2nd. Orbit.

Locator here is JO46vd (Denmark), and at 09:49 (UTC) I heard a strong
but fluctuating data-transmission on 435.283 (I don't have my
oscilloscope here
yet, so I could not check eye-pattern, but probably 9k6 ?)

At 09:53 freq. was 435.271 and I lost signal around 09:56 UTC. around
435.268 MHz

The calculated LOS for my QTH (NOVA) was 09:57

As far as I have been able to check, there where NO other sat. in my
at that time, and around that freq.

This is indeed exiting :-)

Vy 73 de OZ4UI/Lars

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