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RE: Echo

Hi Jim, I've just found this news on this site and the one below.
Looks good so far.
73 de Ian ZL1AOX



Jun 29 2004 11:30AM
Group of satellites put into orbit
MOSCOW. June 29 (Interfax) - A Dnepr rocket carrier, which took off from a
Baikonur launching pad at 10:30 a.m. Moscow time on Tuesday, has put eight
foreign satellites into their designated orbits, a Russian Space Troops
spokesman told Interfax.

The satellites separated from the rocket carrier's third stage between
10:45:15 a.m. and 10:45:31 a.m., the spokesman said.

"Once they separated, all the satellites were handed over to the customers
for operation," he said.

The satellites include France's 125-kilogram Demeter satellite designed for
scientific research, Saudi Arabia's 12-kilogram SaudiComsat-1 and
SaudiComsat-2 commercial satellites and 35-kilogram SaudiSat-2 satellite,
U.S. LatinSat-S and LatinSat-D communications satellites weighing 15
kilograms each, an AMSat-Echo satellite weighing 12 kilograms, as well as
Italy's 12-kilogram UniSat-3 scientific satellite.


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Yes, what happened?

Did the bird fly at 6:45 UTC?

Is it in orbit now?

Any pics from the launch site?

Etc ...

People want to know ... :-)

Jim Towler
New Zealand

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> Do we have further news form the ECHO launch?
> 73 de Sven LA6KJ

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