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RE: TS - 2000X -Menu 28- Amplifier Relay Power

Hi Pete

> Group , Is anyone using menu 28 A-E to key up any amplifier relays? I find
> turning this feature on I get no voltage out from the EXT connection on
the back
> of the radio from any of the pins. Manual page 96 states pin 4 with menu
> (1.2 amplifier setting) set to 1 or 2 will provide up to 20 volts @ 20
> during transmit. Does anyone use this feature and it works on 50 (28B),432
> (28C),144 (28D) or 1.2 (28E)? Thanks in advance.

Yes. I am successfully using these (together with a delay) to sequence both
PAs and preamps on 2m, 70cm and 23cm. I have added some hardware to properly
sequence the PAs and preamps, but I still use the EXT Cont connector. Note
that these are open collector outputs, so without a pull up you'll see no
voltage. Also bear in mind they're limited to 20mA and 20V max.

73 Howard G6LVB

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