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RE: Field Day summary

Skunked at W9INL.

Looking at the passes, I figured my best hope between the equipment I had,
and the amount of time my XYL would let me have at the FD site, was AO-7.

After seeing the thread on a 10-m loop, I figured, "cool!  I have an idea
for a loop support using 10-foot Wal-Mart cane poles."  Suprise!  Walmart
has all kinds of fishing gear, even frog gigs (ewww!)  No cane
poles????!!!   Same with K-mart, MC-Sports...come on!

The satellite status page said, "Lately AO-7 has favored Mode B almost
exclusively."  So I figured there's no need for a ten-meter antenna.  HA!
Wish I hadn't read the messages on the list.

Tried SO-50, SO-41, low passes all.  Heard NA1SS on Sunday morning, but never
could tell when it was my turn.

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