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Re: Amsat Oscar E launch - Presidents Information and ANS Bulletin.

In a message dated 6/28/2004 1:08:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
sastrup@online.no writes:
Today is the 28th of June, are there any news on  the Amsat Oscar E launch? 
At what time will the launch take place  (UTC)??

73 de Sven LA6KJ

Hi Sven and All,
Like you I am awaiting final information, the Launch site is now in  Darkness 
and I don't expect to hear anything until at least tomorrow morning. 
The satellite will be inserted into orbit at approximately 0645 UTC (if I  
have my time zones right, but don't expect to hear anything for several hours  
 Because the first thing that is done is to let the satellite settle  down in 
its new conditions.
Let the PCBs de-gas and temperatures settle. Only after several revolutions  
will there be any confirmation that all is "right" on board.
Please do not try to communicate through the satellite until commissioning  
has taken place or until the commissioning team asks you to do so!
Our AMSAT News Service (ANS) has put out the following Bulletin:-
Below are the prelaunch elements for Echo, based on the predicted launch  on
29 June.  The launch site is the Baikonur Cosmodrome in  Kazakhstan.  The
Epoch time is based on the Dnepr's Orbit Insertion  Time.
UTC Epoch    6/29/2004   06:45:15.06
Inc                   98.25582
RAAN             250.8905
Ecc                  .00001139
MA                 261.417
Arg Per           275.47233
MM                14.4091

Echo First Communication Events
Plans call for Command Stations to begin working Echo with the  morning
passes over the US on 29 June.  The first communication attempt  with
Echo will be on the pass over the eastern US, at approximately 1452  UTC,
continuing with the next two passes over the US as well.  The  transmitter on
Echo will not be turned on for a complete orbit until it is  established that
the bird is operating normally and that the power system is  working
properly.  The transmitter will be shut off before the end of  the pass
window over the US.  Transmission may also be intermittent over  the US as we
work with the Satellite.  The hope is to leave the TX0  transmitter on for
complete orbits starting as early as 0200 UTC on 30  June.
The callsigns for Echo's Pacsat Broadcast Protocol Digital system  are:
Broadcast:   PCAB-11
BBS:           PCAB-12

Telemetry Submission Email Address
Until the ECHO Telemetry archive system is up and running please submit  your
CSV telemetry files received with TlmEcho to the following email  address.
_ke4azn@amsat.org_ (mailto:ke4azn@amsat.org) 
Once the archive system is up and running details will be published on  how
to submit and also download telemetry from Echo.
Check ANS for future bulletins as we progress with commissioning of  Echo.
[ANS thanks Mike, KE4AZN for the above information]
In order to receive additional Bulletins from ANS
Please subscribe to _ANS@amsat.org_ (mailto:ANS@amsat.org)    .
This may be done by going to _MajorDomo@amsat.org_ 
(mailto:MajorDomo@amsat.org)   and obtaining  the instructions.
Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA
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