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ISS Crew Schedule

Greetings, All.

I've been poring over the NASA website, and haven't been able to
successfully find a listing for the daily schedule of the ISS crew; does
anybody have a link to that resource (if it exists)?

I was able to hear the 1422Z pass of the ISS yesterday; heard NA1SS calling
CQ and answering many folks on the good ol' Earth, but wasn't able to get my
signal up to him. This experience has piqued my interest in making a phone
contact with the crew; I've got the summer off so I can check in
frequently...if they have "free time" to listen/operate the ARISS set. Many
people have much luck in this endeavor?

Thanks in advance for any help!

73, Telly
Steven K. Tellefson
 KC9BUU Grid EN52gk
Stephenson County
Davis, Illinois
AMSAT #35407

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