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Echo Experiment #43: STA possibly

Hello the Net:         Caution, Experimental in Nature.

Have received many valued responses to using the 903 MHz band as a 
possible ECHO uplink.

While the 903 MHz band is NOT specifically approved as a satellite band, 
there may exist a possibility to apply to the FCC
for a STA, Special Temporary Authorization, or a experimental license.

Some considerations:

Any one with a US FCC license can participate, as long as they get on 
the list of operators, prior to the application deadline.
Non -US folks may have to apply to their regulating authority.

Duration of this STA or experimental license would be for a finite 
period of time, like 2 years. Then expire,
with renewal options.

Control operational times of ECHO to this experimental "Wednesday Mode" 
to a defined and published schedule.
And to this schedule, allow access from any location under jurisdiction 
of the FCC.

How will the ECHO wideband SQRX receiver (10 MHz thru 1300 MHz) and 
multiband antenna play on 903.5 MHz ??   TBD

Can anyone bolster these thoughts ?

Stan, Wa1ECF    Cape Cod,  MA


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