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Re: Field Day summary

  Four sat contacts here. 2 on FO-29 and 2 on SO-50.  Didn't try AO-7 as my
Buddypole setup I was going to use for the 10m downlink was taken over by an
HF station, as it worked better then their dipole!
  Running an Icom 910H with a 3L 2m Arrow, and a 14L Arrow for 70cm with
phasing harness. I would of made many more contacts but there was much
fading on my uplink, I would lose my uplink but could hear other loud
stations if I tuned around. Other people who started to reply to me also
seemed to have the same problem. I tried this setup a few weeks ago and
heard my uplink 100% of the time. Must of been the traffic on the sat,
overloading the receiver?
  Thanks to all who worked us at K2BR...

73 Jeff kb2m

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