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Field Day summary

Only 5 satellite contacts for me, with a lot of effort.  3 contacts on FO29
and 2 contacts on AO7 Mode A.  It was truly amazing how much power it took
to be heard on both satellites.  I was using a FT-847 (50W) to a
manually-steered Arrow antenna.  I answered a LOT of CQ's but didn't get
replies very often (and usually had a hard time hearing myself).  My ARR
70cm preamp didn't seem very happy to be inches away from the 2m
transmitting antenna.  The 70 cm noise level would jump up several S-units
whenever I would transmit on 2m.  I should have brought my 2m coffee can
cavity filter to reduce 2m harmonics.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
Satellite operator for K9IQP 2F IL

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