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Re: AMSAT FD halftime report

We had similar experience.  On the 2nd of 3 passes of ao-7, we tried 
mode A.  Confirmed it was working, but never made a contact.  On the 3rd 
pass, we were ready for mode A, quickly transistioned over when B was 
not there.  Heard ourselves the whole pass, but never made a contact, 

Moved right over to FO-29, and there you were.  Thanks for hearing us.  
By the way, for our QSO, I'd been implored to unplug the headset (to the 
annoyance of the HF operators next to me.)  There were a WHOLE lot of 
people standing around waiting for this contact, including my wife and 
our 4 year old neighbor. Your contact was quite a thrill to many.

After we worked you, I spent the rest of the pass calling CQ (and 
hearing myself on the downlink) or trying to call those who were calling 
CQ.  Both phone and CW, but never made another contact in all the 
bedlam.  Which was frustrating, until afterwards, analyzing the pass, 
Kevin (N3HKQ) and I realized that Field Day is often the first chance to 
work a satellite.  Unfamiliarity with freq spotting techniques, etc 
should be forgiven.

Drew, you made our day, thanks for being there.

BTW, we also noted the phenomenon of the second half of a pass being 
much harder than the first half -- I think this is a known effect.

Thanks again, and very 73,

"The satellite voice of N3SH."

Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

>early pass of SO-41, just in case, nothing heard
>1933Z pass of FO-29, low pass to the west, heard and worked K0MIW easily,
>signals were very weak from the satellite but blew it off due to the low
>elevation (below 8 degrees)
>2017Z pass of SO-50, worked KP2AA quickly with little difficulty as the sat
>rose to 10 degrees from the south. listened for about 5 minutes as several
>stations  who should know better (at least one of them regular voices) call
>CQ on top of other exchanges. I did hear several full exchanges however.
>2 passes of AO-7 nothing heard in B, lousy mode A setup here so not sure,
>nothing heard on the UHF beacon. Assumed sat blinked off with the crush of
>uplink signals, or is in Mode A?
>1 pass of AO-27, just in case. nothing heard.
>0350Z pass of FO-29, call CQ for first half of pass with only one taker at
>about TCA, N3SH. After TCA as the NE US fills the footprint, 100w into 20
>elements suddenly is not enough to hear myself. I was running 10 at the
>beginning of the pass. Spend the rest of the pass listening to 5-6 stations
>on top of each other mid passband, no one making any QSOs. I did hear K0MIW
>around 835, but alas, already in the log.
>My prediction is the winner of the AMSAT field day will be the one who gets
>the most messages off of UO-22, and is far enough north to have an advantage
>due to the polar orbits....
>I now return you to the yearly scheduled chaos....
>73, Drew KO4MA
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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