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Echo - Any African stations?

Hi all

This evening (Sunday 27 June) South African hams were treated to an
interactive presentation on the Echo project by Rick W2GPS, relayed around
South Africa via our monthly Intechnet project. Several hams who I am quite
sure have never even thought about satellites (judging by some of the
questions!!!) got to hear of the capabilities and features of the satellite,
and will hopefully look further at operating the birds.

The presentation was co-sponsored by the South African Radio League and
Southern African AMSAT, which has just launched its own website at
www.amsatsa.org.za . This site is still in it's infancy, but will be
developed over the upcoming months. SA AMSAT is also hosting a satellite
conference in Durban in a few weeks time.

I am looking to get in touch with any satellite enthusiasts within the
footprint of Echo (or any of the other LEO sats) from Port Elizabeth, on the
SE coast of South Africa. In particular I would like to hear from operators
from other African countries - I still need plenty of them for Satellite
DXCC, AO-40 died leaving me on 74 countries!

I would also appreciate any advice on TNCs for digital sats: I would like to
monitor telemetry from Echo, but it looks as if there will not be
soundcard-based software to do this. I would also like to try some of the
other digital sats, but have no idea what equipment is required (never
really tried TNCs before!) I don't suppose the common varieties such as
Kantronics KPC3 or AEA PK232MBX would do the job, would they? I can get hold
of both of these, but modern TNCs are virtually unobtainable in South Africa
without putting my car down as a deposit! Any advice in this regard would be
greatly appreciated.

Really longing for P3E and Eagle to get off the ground - missing all the
guys around the world!

73 de Barry ZR2DX
KF26TA - Port Elizabeth,South Africa
Secretary, Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society
SARL Councillor : Digital Modes & Satellites

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