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Re: paypal donation

Somebody wrote:

> When I sent a donation in for Echo I used martha@amsat.org for the PayPal
> recipient

I'd been intending to make a donation to AMSAT for some time, but with the
ridiculous fees ($15-$25) charged by Australian banks for this sort of
service, plus the effect of the exchange rate, it seemed barely worthwhile
unless I donated a large amount, which I never seemed to have spare........

The somebody else mentioned on this BB a donation of (I think) $10, and
around the same time I had to use Paypal for the first time for an EBay
transaction, and I discovered to my delight that the charges of doing this
were far more reasonable - the fees didn't seriously erode the value of the

So I finally made my planned donation!

Good luck with the launch.

Steve, vk5asf

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