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Re: UTC nastygram on BPL

Hi All,
I have been involved in R.F. for most of my Adult life. In looking at BPL a
few questions come to mind.

1. The isolation from the electrical power is a safety issue, costly for
approval and implementation. Most Amateurs have never gone through a U.L.
2. On 80 MHz of bandwidth, with notches for 5-10 MHz of spectrum how many
users can BPL support?
3. Long wires are an effective radiator, 1/4 of a rhombic antenna and do not
need to be resonate to be an efficient radiator.
4. Coupling is required around every transformer, and again HV potentials
exist requiring expensive isolation equipment.
5. If de-coupling to every house that is on the power line is not done ,
user loads will cause a varying VSWR especially R.F. receiving and
transmitting equipment with heavy line bypasses. Now you need to run more
power to cover the nulls that change whenever someone plugs or unplugs
6. Over coming arcing of motors, thermostats, high efficiency R.F. lights,
touch operated lights, etc will add to the problems of BPL.

Some people in this world think engineering can overcome any or all laws of
physics.I am of the opinion that the use of fiber optics on existing
electric power right of ways is a very effective way to deliver clean
signals for 100 of miles with no interference to anyone. Once the cost of
the BPL solution is measured against the potential revenue stream I think
BPL will join the ideas of using Leo satellites for phone service on 2M and
70 cm. remember that one?

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