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Re: Sats to use for Field Day

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 09:15, Ronald Nutter wrote:
> I am starting my final preps for my first satellite field day.  I am planning on trying ISS, AO-7, FO-29, SO-50, AO-16 and UO-22.  I dont have a hardware TNC so I figured these birds would be all that I could hope to try.  Are there any others that are an option ?  Suggestions for doing a satellite Field Day ?
> Thanks,
> Ron

Glad to hear someone else will be attempting AO-16 this field day, 363
days a year it sees very little use and its a very strong downlink. 
I've had very little luck getting UPW to key my rascal interface (agwpe,
mixw and the like have no problem, but UPW won't key it) so I'm not sure
if I'll make it or not, but I'm gonna try.

We'll be using the call K0MIW this year.

Ryan Butler

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