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BPL - Rant2

There were a few things I left out:

1) 2m and 70cm will not be immune - harmonic distortion will happen. Since 
BPL is broadband second, third and fourth harmonics will invade. 
Groundstations that rely on preamps will be particularly affected.

2) Pay attention to meetings with city councils, town councils, planning 
boards and selectman's meetings.  BPL proponents will need permits and are 
not prepared to argue facts at these types of meetings - they expect a 
rubber stamp, so make sure they don't get it.

3) Be aware of intermittent blackouts in your neighborhood.  The people 
installing BPL have to cut power in order to put the repeaters in 
line.  Intentional service interruptions are usually a violation of local 
ordinances.  Complain, and complain loudly.

4) Be aware of "pre-staging" - this is when the BPL companies are 
installing devices in advance of permits.  Make sure your public officials 
are aware if this is happening in your neighborhood.

5) If you have underground services, make sure you take noise measurements, 
but also make sure you take pictures of the before and after. It is likely 
the permit requires them to restore the roadway.  That is probably more 
expensive then they could imagine.  Take before and after pictures, and 
insist that "patch" tar is not "restoration".



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