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APRS FD now on 144.39 !!! (grumble)

Based on feedback, and comments, no one can make 
any sense of the APRS demo station Field Day rules.

Thus, ABANDON the plan of establishing a big temp/portable
digi system on 145.01.  There is zero benefit under the
existing rules.  DO YOUR DEMO on 144.39.

But to get the 100 bonus points, you must set up a
temporary /portable digi as part of your SYSTEM.

But there is where the rules fall apart.
1)  There is no requirement for ANY QSO's or contacts
2)  There is nothing to demo unless you are on 144.39
3)  The Repeater rule is not waived for APRS (like it
     is in the satellite bonus point rule)
4)  AND demo contacts DONT COUNT.
5)  Therefore with no reqirment to make any contacts
     and no contacts count for points, therefore you may
     as well USE a digipeater all you want, since the
     contacts dont count anyway.
6)  The only requirement is that YOUR portable packet
     system must be temporary and portable and must 
     include a node (digi) and your portable/temporary
     system must not be part of any existing infrastructure.

Hence the only requirement to be met is #6.  A portable
APRS station AND a temporary/portable digi.  That being
met, then maximize your DEMO by operating on 144.39 
NORMAL APRS and enjoy the event.  Make all the 
contacts you want from 0 to  hundreds.  You get the 
same 100 points anway...

I recommend NOT making your portable/temp digi
be RELAY, nor WIDE, nor WIDEn-n, nor anything
else.  It will only QRM the network.  Just digi through
it OUTBOUND by its explicit call.

Maybe NEXT year we can get the ARRL to let us 
operate for real by going to 145.01 and using ONLY
our own FD ad-hoc network to see if we can really
work come-as-you-are as APRS was originally designed
to do in the first place!

This is all updated on the APRS FD web page:


Crawling back under my rock...

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