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Re: SO-50 Pre-sets

> Is this the "jump", or does SO-50 have an odd orientation as it recedes
> from me going north (e.g. body of the bird shielding the antenna?).
> I don't have a lot of experience with this bird; do others notice this?

Yes, I have noticed it. It was intially less predictible, but lately my
observations match yours. Typically strong on the approach on ascending
passes, weak as it goes LOS to the north. I have always assumed this was due
to the single 1/4 wave downlink antenna being shielded from view....

Still a great satellite and especially at 250mw of power!

Oh, I know most folks with 5 khz step radios program channel pairs, but on
my HT and mobile rigs I've always just used the VFO and tuned for max
receive. Squelch all the way open of course.

73, Drew KO4MA

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