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SO-50 Pre-sets

I was wondering what people are using for channel presets
to work SO-50 on their FM rigs or HT's? I usually have one split channel
+ Doppler, one - Doppler, and one on freq, but I assume I should have one
with the tone to start the 10 minute timer, and one more to account
for the "jump"?

I've been listening on the FT100D on the commute home,
and have actually worked a few stations while mobile (W0SAT and one other
last night).
I have noticed a consistent loss of signal on the second
half of the passes as the bird comes south to north, despite adjusting
for the Doppler drop (I'm marginal as it is with a vertical on the Subaru).

Is this the "jump", or does SO-50 have an odd orientation as it recedes
from me going north (e.g. body of the bird shielding the antenna?).

I don't have a lot of experience with this bird; do others notice this?

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