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Re: Echo Funding

Another way to help fund things. I saw the commerative qsl's for AO-7 listed
in QST, I think. I'm getting really low on my qsl cards from a printing
nearly 10 years ago. 100 cards are 40 bucks, so I ordered 200 to help the
cause, and also ordered another AMSAT callsign badge, as I keep losing my
old one.

The cards look quite nice, I LOVED my time on AO-7 (it's the bird that
really got me interested in amateur satellites), and its return is
borderline miraculous!  I recall with great fondness using my left hand for
separate az/el rotors, and my right hand for doppler correction. It made
every pass an act of consumate concentration. What fun that was!

The cards have all the necessary blank fields on the back, so I can use them
for any qso, which is precisely how I'll use them. Martha said they have a
lot of them in stock, but they do not intend to do a 2nd printing.

Best of both worlds for me, as I now have qsl's for a few years (I only send
on receipt or for a very special contact), Amsat made a tidy profit and I
don't have to hunt for my callsign badge...I can just wait for it to show up
when I'm rummaging around some day.

I love mode B, was amazed by AO-40 Mode S1 and S2, and have played a lot
with the Mode A  and J birds before their demise. I've never been all that
interested in FM birds, but do enjoy APRS on ISS and NO-44. Now that I've
contributed twice in the last three months, I look forward to helping others
get to use an "easy sat" and dabbling a bit on my own. Some day, we'll have
mode B again, and my mode S rx gear will get some use, even if AO-40 doesn't
recover from the clamped rail.

So, if you need or want some nifty qsl's and want to help the cause, it's a
win-win situation.

...hasan, N0AN

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> Told some friends that for only $3.75 each, they could help send up a
> wonderful new satellite, and I described how it is going to be launched,
> who put it together, what you can do on it, and how they can get a station
> together. I must have spoken for 30 minutes.
> One guy, after hearing my speech, said, "If you needed dinner money so
> bad, why didn't you just ask?"
> 3 x $3.75 and extra sent, not used for dinner.
> Dave

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