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Re: [aprssig] Re: APRS at Fielday (get yourportable digis going NOW!)

APRS FD note #4

Actually this will work MUCH better if we are NOT
on 144.39 with all the QRM.  I recommend 145.01
in any area where the freuqency is not busy. 
Whatever freq you do use in your area, just put
up a repeating bulletin on 144.39 telling everyone
WHAT FREQ to go to for APRS FD.  This will FULLY
meet the FD intent of shownig what kind of network
we can build in-the-field-on-a-moments-notice.

Remember also, if you QSY your normal HOME 
APRS station to the APRS FD frequency and 
operate it as a 1D class FD station, then others
CAN use it as a HOP in the FD7-7 scheme too,
if you set your UITRACE parameter to FD.

I appologize for putting this on the AMSAT-BB, but
since many AMSAT stations will have packet at their
FD sites to work the ISS or Sapphire, this is just
telling them how to get 100 points for APRS while
waiting for the next pass.   Tomorrow I will summarize
all this on a WEB page for easy reference.  
de WB4APR, Bob

>>> "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu> 06/23/04 10:41 PM >>>
APRS FD note #3:

I can also interpret the requirement that the APRS
demo system must include a portable/temporary
node (digi) as not requring EVERY FD site to also
set up its own digi, but that its PATH must use
such a digi.  Thus stations not invloved in FD can
assist OTHER FD stations by setting up as many
portable temporary UITRACE FD digis as possible
and everyone can use them...  But it MUST be
a complete temporary lash up...   WB4APR, Bob

>>> "Robert Bruninga" <bruninga@usna.edu> 6/23/04 9:50:56 PM >>>
Bring APRS to Field Day.  It is worth 100 points!
Just Play and demo APRS, that's all you gotta do..
Here are the rules:

>7.3.10. Non-Traditional Mode Demonstrations: 
>...100 points ...for setting up a demo of... APRS...
> ... This system must include a temporary, 
>portable node [digi] and must be completely separate 
>from the existing packet infrastructure  of your area. 

Here is my recommendation:

1)  Park a Kenwood D700 on a GOOD hill (or build a
     temporary digi and string its antenna in a tall tree!]

2)  Use a Laptop to set its UITRACE to "FD" and also:

3)  Set its BText every 10 minutes to something like:
     !DDMM.hhNFDDDMM.hhW#FD digi.  Use path via FD7-7

4)  Set its UNPROTO to APRSFD VIA FD7-7

Now then we will have a completely independent
FD infrastructure yet, we can go 7 hops... between
everyone else's FD digis.  A good place to park a
temporary D700 digi may be on the roof of a high 
parking garage...

There is noting in the rules that prohibits this from
being anywhere near  your FD site.  Choose the
BEST hill or mountain around.  Choose the exact
hill you would use in a REAL emergency to re-
establsih the APRS infrastgructure in a real
emergency if your digis were knowcked out!
Also, you can set up more than one!

ALL APRS DEMO stations remain on 144.39 so that 
they have something to demo (if no other FD digis
are in range) yet they can only transmit via FD7-7.

Unfortunately since this is using the UITRACE, all 
these packets will come in with callsign substituted 
and so they can only be counted if the path adds up.  
THus these would be VALID:

K4HG>APRS,FD7-7                    <heard direct
K4HG>APRS,W1ABC,FD7-6      <heard via one hop
K4HG>APRS,W1ABC,K2ABC,FD7-5      <via 2 hops
K4HG>APRS,W1ABC,K2ABC,N3AB,FD7-4     <etc
and so forth...

The decremented FDn-N will prove that the callsign
was a substitution of an FD7-7 original packet and
not someone spoofing the system.


This will work like APRS was designed for!  Come-as-
you-are instant network development in the field. 
Lets do it!!!

For your FD demo station PLEASE use the PORTABLE
or TENT icon so that we can easily see each other and
or filter the map to display only other FD stations and 
mobiles.  In APRSdos, just hit the J-M keys for JUST-
MOBILES and it will include the FD sites...

Did I miss anything???

de WB4APR, Bob

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