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ECHO -- Special Update

I had a talk today with a returning  member of the team that went to the 
Launch site,
In summary he told me that  ECHO has now been integrated onto the launch 
vehicle and we are awaiting Launch  which will is scheduled to take place around 
NOON local time at the launch site  on Tuesday the 29th of June.
As the Launch site is some 10 hours ahead of  Eastern Daylight Time (USA and 
Canada) this means we should have some knowledge  of the mission success - 
when we wake up that morning.
Our ECHO Launch fund  stands at $97,450 today (June 23) can we get it to the 
$100K by launch time?.  Phone in to add to the total  (301-589-6062). 

Are you looking for  up to date information on ECHO? if so call the Office 
and ask Martha to send you  a copy of the new Book "ECHO, Operation, Development 
and Specifications" by  Gould Smith WA4SXM, it is quite inexpensive and 
contains all you may want to  know about this new bird.

Yes! Martha takes orders over the Phone, if you  have a suitable credit Card 
Demand for the book is strong so we  have just had extra copies printed for 
Frequencies, data rates  etc  are all included. There is even some 
information on the Baikonur  Launch site in Kazakhstan, together with pictures of  
ECHO's construction  trays.

More news as it comes in .....

Robin Haighton  VE3FRH
President AMSAT  

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