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Re: [psk31] Echo satellite PSK-31 mode

>From Peter G3PLX:
>I am preparing for the AMSAT Oscar Echo satellite 
>to be lauched in a few weeks, and in particular for the 
>PSK31 Xponder....the downlink will be on 435.225 FM, 
>Does anyone have any information about the uplink?

The uplink receiver is programmable, so the exact uplink
will be determined on orbit.  But this opens the great
debate about the uplink frquency which we started back
when we designed this mode for PCSAT2 (which should
have been on orbit by now (last July) but has been
delayed due to Shuttle Problems.  

We had proposed the popular 28.120 USB terrestrial freqs
for the satellite to monitor and to downlink.  Thus there 
would always be signals to hear.  But there was
opposition.  We next proposed 28.117 USB so that at 
least those people with the cheap Xtal controlled PSK-31
kits could operate via the satelilte and terrestrially...

That was the best decision.  BUT this decision was too
late and after we had already flight tested our receiver
with its original 29.400 MHz xtal.  So that is what PCSAT2
will use when it launches next October.

But I'd suggest for ECHO that 28.117 USB would be the
best permanent selection for this mode...

de WB4APR, Bob

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