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Re: AMSAT Website Redesign Available to the BB

At 09:43 PM 6/22/04 -0700, Emily Clarke <w0eec@AMSAT.Org> wrote:

>The newly redesigned AMSAT website (possibly the worse kept secret in 
>history) has transitioned to a public BETA test phase.  Before we 
>officially switch over to the new design, the web team would like to 
>invite the subscribers of amsat-bb to visit the site, comment and report 
>issues (bugs) you may find. You will find the new site at:

Not to insult KB5MU,  I like the new design also.  The feature of putting 
key organization events, announcements, and headlines on the opening page 
is nice.

Might have been a design team oversight, but I noticed there is not much 
mention of the Eagle project on the opening page except for the 
thermometer.  Is Eagle a secret? We might want to put more info about 
Eagle, or a link to the information about the Eagle project on the opening 


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