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RE: Soundcard TNC program?

Hello Chris

>    OK since it appears nobody is using a DSP-2232 anymore, here is the
> next question.
> Is there a program that uses the soundcard rather than a TNC that works
> on the digital satellites?

It depends what you're trying to achieve. To digipeat via the ISS or PCSat
(NO-44), the options are pretty good because 1200bps AFSK has been available
for a while for the soundcard through software like AGWPE and MixW32.

If you're looking at digipeating using a BPSK downlink and an MFSK uplink
(eg, via AO-16), the only way I've done this is to use MixW32 on the
downlink and uplink with UPW by Douglas Quagliano KA2UPW
http://members.aol.com/dquagliana/upw/. (Here's a screenshot

9600bps digipeating can be done using MixW32 on its own, but be really
careful about using the line in/line out connections to proper 9600
connections on the radio. Using the mic/speaker connections on either sound
card or radio will not work.

To use a 9600bps bird like UO-22 in store and forward mode, you can hack
together something like this... http://www.g6lvb.com/MixWWisp.doc.

73 Howard G6LVB

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