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ISS on Packet/Field Day


Bruce Paige mentioned:

 >We do count a QSO with the Astronauts as a satellite contact. Of course, 
it is
 >considered an FM bird and only one voice QSO will count no matter how many
 >passes you work them on. If the packet racket is working (which I personally
 >doubt), you can use it as you would any other digital bird and make as 
many 2-
 >Way contacts.

Actually, I would expect that packet will be operational prior to and after 
the voice opportunities on filed day.  So don't discount ISS packet.

There is something else happening on ISS packet if you haven't been 
watching the ISS 145.80 downlink.  As background, astronaut Mike Finke got 
word on Friday that he is a new father.  Tarali Paulina Fincke was born on 
June 18, 2004 to proud parents, Mike and Renita Fincke. They also have 1 
son, Chandra.

The following is from JSC Today, courtesy of Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO:

"Her name is Tarali Paulina and Tara is the Indian dialect meaning star," 
Fincke radioed to Mission Control, shortly after the birth. "Our first boy, 
his name is Chandra, which means moon. So, my wife had already given me the 
moon, and now she's given me a star and it's a privilege to happen aboard 
the International Space Station. It's also tough on the family, but there's 
a lot of other service people out there that this happens to, so thanks 
NASA. We really appreciate your support and understanding."

On the ISS packet beacon, which is sent out once a minute, the proud papa 
is announcing the birth of his daughter.  Check it out.

73, Frank Bauer, KA3HDO

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